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Camp Wannakiki is a new drag reality show airing on YouTube based on who can last the week at an actual Summer Camp and claim the crown “Queen of Camp!”

This hilarious new show features eight of the campiest campers in the Midwest (O’laysia Prime, Dominique DeGrant, VajayJ Snappinturtle, Pagan Holladay, Sylvia Nixx, Alexis P Bevels, Muffy Fishbasket and C’est Kevvie), along with kooky Camp Counselor Dear Ruthie and Camp Directors Apple Brown Betty and Cherry Pi!

Each episode reprises a day at camp, where campers perform various activities best suited for 10 year olds, as opposed to grown-ass drag queens. This entertaining competition keeps the focus on fun and friendship, while giving drama and backstabbing the cold shoulder, as was the goal of creators and producers Ashley and Brandon Wright.

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The Wrights are real life twin brothers and drag life twin sisters Apple Brown Betty and Cherry Pi Sugarbaker. The twins are also co-owners of Hamburger Mary’s International, and were recently featured on the hit CBS show “Undercover Boss.” Going on 20 locations, Mary’s is known not only for their gourmet burgers, but also for putting on great drag shows across the country.

The summer camp takes place in a town called Kupugani. It’s about two hours outside of Chicago. It’s one of the few African-American owned campgrounds, and they get counselors from around the world [and they have] multi-diverse ethnic programming in their camps.

Our favorite quote from the show so far:

Everyone loves a campy queen, but there’s nothing that really showcase that side of drag.

This is an exciting new show to hit Youtube this year and we hope they can rough it out in the heat for as long as they can. A similar camp that has hosted a drag show for 50 years now named Camp Willowswish just celebrated their anniversary. They’ve been hosting amazing drag shows out in the wooded trails of Oklahoma for years. We are glad to see more queens going to camp.