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The two American men arrested in Bangkok after posting photos of their bare bottoms at Wat Arun were released from Thai jail after two weeks and have been deported to their home in San Diego, California. Married couple Joseph Dasilva, 38, and Travis Dasilva, 36, were taken into custody at Don Mueang International Airport on Nov. 28 after pics from their “traveling_butts” Instagram page showed them dropping their pants at the religious site.

They were charged with public nudity, fined THB5,000 each, and held while police collected evidence to help them decide whether or not to charge the butt buddies with a computer crime act or lewd behavior at a religious site.

They could have faced up to seven years in prison if they’d been found guilty of both crimes.
San Diego Gay and Lesbian News reported the men were released from jail and deported and they are already posting pantless photos on the same Instagram account they deleted.

Shortly after their release, the Instagram account they disabled, “traveling_butts,” popped up. They may need to apologize to the gay community for embarrasing all of us and all American tourists for putting this back up so fast. Maybe they did not spend enough time in a Thai Jail to learn a lesson?