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Joseph and Travis Dasilva, a married couple behind a now-shuttered Instagram account called @traveling_butts, were arrested at a Thailand airport Tuesday night while trying to leave the country. They posted multiple photos of their bare butts taken at Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), a Buddhist religious temple and popular tourist destination in Bangkok.

The men, both 38-years-old, dropped trou at the religious historical site, snapped some photos, and uploaded them to their account with 14K followers. Although the account is now taken down they are facing very serious charges.

Police on Wednesday prepared serious computer crime and religious insult charges with possible imprisonment. Pol Col Jarupat Thongkomol, chief of the Bangkok Yai police station, said on Wednesday that both confessed to the act and had been fined 5,000 baht Tuesday night for getting naked in public. The fine was the heaviest permissible for the offence.

The police are currently preparing more charges against the Americans, because they posted their photos on the internet and took photos of their naked body parts at a religious site.?They would be charged with violating the computer crime law for posting pornographic pictures online and breaching Section 206 of the criminal law concerning behaviour at a religious place that insults the religion.

The offence under the computer crime act is liable to a jail term of up to five years and/or a fine of up to 100,000 baht. The wrongdoing under the criminal law concerning religious insults may result in a jail term of 1-7 years and/or a fine of 20,000-40,000 baht.

Both were detained at the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok. Pol Col Jarupat said police were expanding their investigation into the couple’s behaviour as police suspected they had committed similar offences at another religious site in Bangkok.

The instagram page called “Traveling Butts” featured similar pictures taken at various tourist destinations as seen below.

This could not go well for the married couple. We have seen in Singapore not too far from here that Michael Fay made global headlines when he was caned for damaging cars and public property despite an appeal for clemency by then-President Bill Clinton. The American teen and his friends carried out acts of theft and vandalism and he was sentenced to four months in jail, slapped with a $3,500 fine and given six strokes of the cane as punishment.

While Thailand is not as bad as Singapore we could see a strong prison term for the gay couple. If they get off with a fine they will get off easy. The traveling butts could turn into the butts that have scars that may not heal for awhile. There are some places you don’t take the risk of drinking, being gay, disrespecting culture, or posing nude.