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Allen which is part of Collin County in North Dallas posted a huge life-like poster on the doors of its bathrooms. This is to show patrons the before and after transition of Caitlyn Jenner in a joking and insensitive manner.

Dodie’s Place in Allen is a Cajun restaurant that would not respond to questions about their bathroom posters.

Restrooms in Texas have already been a huge debate recently with a House Bill that would have further stigmatized the LGBTQ community.?

Transgender people experience gender dysphoria because they experience their gender identity psychologically, not just physically. In other words, Caitlyn Jenner was a woman before she began the transition.

The images may imply that trans women have to look or transition a certain way to be seen as women.

Will the restaurant respond that they are allowing trans people into their bathrooms by this poster or is it seen as a joke at a trans person’s expense? At the same time, Caitlyn Jenner has also been heavily criticized by the gay community for standing up for President Trump while he battles against LGBTQ rights.