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Sally Kerns, a Republican Oklahoma state representative in district 84, known as the Bethany and Northwest Oklahoma City part of town will have a challenger in the ring come next fall.? Brittany Novotny, a local transgender attorney, plans on putting her hat in the ring and with all the big mouthed junk that has came out of Sally Kerns mouth in the last few years we can only hope Brittany wins!

Brittany Novotny is a Democrat and hopes to win the race by not focusing on her being transgendered but her being a better politician for the people of Oklahoma.? This is quite ironic for the Kerns campaign as she has spelled out her dislike (more on the hate side) for homosexuals in the past comparing us to terrorists and such.

This could backfire for Kerns or it could backfire for Novotny. While I think it is a great thing for someone to run against Kerns in this election we better make sure Novotny is well-funded and has her name out there.? No one has been able to beat Kerns yet and Novotny better think of a strategy to beat witch Kerns out.? Kerns is nothing but a talking big mouth wishing for a future with Fox News or some crazy outfit as a commenter but she really has no future.?? She has Sarah Palins that have taken her big mouth job on the road.? Kerns holds her state rep. position and there is no visible end in that future unless the GLBT can really stand together and get her out of office.? Then we will be done with this lady.? She can go sit in her husbands Baptist church or help out with some community service if she gets outed but there is a mere chance that will happen unless we build momentum NOW.