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If you ever get on CraigsList you may discover more and more massage or “money needed” ads in the mainstream section of the personals.? The men seeking men or the casual encounters posts are free to post but the erotic services posts actually required you give them your credit card information.? I looked on there today and when you try and make a post it came to a error page so I guess they have already taken the ability to post away but leaving up the remaining massage service providers.

We are speaking of a site that is 14-years-old and generates more than 20 billion page views per month in 50 countries and has had one murder case in Boston change the entire category for every city.? I know the Rick Sanchez and Bill O’s have been bitching for weeks about it but they are looking for an excuse to have the sections removed.? They scrape through the news everyday to find things they feel are not acceptable for others they feel should be changed.? The real wanna-be gods of our generation…because we are not adult enough to do things ourselves.

The section is not completely removed though.? It is now a Adult section under Personals in which the service providers pay a $10 fee and approved ads will be eligible for reposting at $5.? The ads will be approved by a person which will be different from the algorithm they used before.

On this same subject I watched Elliott Spitzer speak on Prostitution with Rachel Maddow yesterday and in the interview Spitzer answered as if prostitution was a victim crime and it should not be legal (but yet it was for him to take part in it).? Whether it is massage with a happy ending or more physical intercourse I think that prostitution really is not a crime that has a victim.? It is two adults consenting and unless someone is being forced into having sex like they do in some countries as slaves or such then there should be nothing wrong with it.