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We plan to do some research on this subject and bring you all of the top gay iPhone Applications but until then lets bring you some that we do know about.? Everyone I know has an Iphone these days.? At least most of my friends, co-workers, and classmates.? I have been holding out for the new Palm Pre from Sprint and hoping that it will have some gay applications as well for these.

Here are some popular iPhone Apps:

1.? Grindr – At you can download the app to meet guys near you on your iPhone.? Sort of like a for the iPhone addicts.

2. The Gay Community App – launched in Sydney, Australia earlier this year has generated a buzz around the world.? This is a unique iPhone App allowing users to chat and meet like-minded people in their communities they live in or travel to.? It works by using the iPhones GPS and navigation to let them know whats going on in the local gay scene, make new friends, and possibly find a hottie near you.

You can find this download for the iPhone at or in the Apple iTunes App Store.? One of the neat things this app has is that it has a Gaydar search listing other app users by distance from your location or from one that you specify.? Facebook and twitter style profile updates.? There is a buddy list to keep track of people and location mapping system via Google Maps.

3.? G.I.R.L. Dance Radio – I at first thought this was a lesbian radio station only but I guess it means gay as in all gays and just an acronym for the G.I.R.L.? But if you want an Iphone application free with streaming of hot dance music you should download the Gay Internet Radio Live app which gives you a 128k and 64k stream.? They even have an instant feedback link to email station DJ’s.? The song information is displayed on your iPhone on each track so you can buy it when you get home and goto MasterBeat or from your phone.? This is great for working out and not having to hear the same dance playlist you always had.

4. Gaycities – iPhone app to rate gay-friendly bars, hotels, clubs, and beaches worldwide.

5.? MyGayGo – similar to the GayCities app which lets you locate gay businesses near you from publishers of Frontiers and IN.

6. Yelp – not a gay app but you can add all your gay friends on here and get the best restaurants in the United States when you travel.? Does not work yet for France where you damn well need it.? I had one of the worst Mexican food dishes there (hey they told me it was Tex-Mex I was a “tourist”)!

7.? Pride – free app that turns the screen into a rainbow flag that fades away into the word PRIDE.? For those of you who get amused by screen savers and 80s videos.? Seems like you could do this with a Nokia phone why need an iPhone?

8. Skout is a personals site offering a iphone app you can use on your new iPhone 3GS.? You can download it free at

I hope they develop some of these same applications for the new Palm Pre coming out in May.? The Pre is set to be the next best thing to the iPhone for those of us Sprint users.

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