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The hottest 25 what? You may ask. Well, I wanted to look at the top 25 guys internationally, just to see who was running at the top of the list of eligible bachelors, guys youa€?d like to bed, those who you simply have to know and so on. And actually it turned out to be a really difficult task. For a start International Male (the magazine) kept coming up top of the searches as ita€?s been running for over 25 years a€“ but I wasna€?t looking for stylish clothes but stylish men. I also found a goodly collection of dating sites where 25 year old males from many countries were looking for partners and fun, but thata€?s another story.

So I went with some lists of the top 25 guys, though I wona€?t list them all here one by one as this page would simply be a list and serve no purpose. Instead here are some interesting a€?topa€? facts and opinions that you may not know, as of March 2008.

In the world of Movies there are lots of a€?top listsa€?. How about the best 25 sex scenes from Hollywood? Brokeback Mountain is in there at number 21, Boogie Nights at 18 and top of the list is a movie called a€?Y Tu Mama Tambiena€?. As for the top stars under 25 years old at the moment: Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter as I am sure you know) is 24th, Zac Afron (yeah!) is at number three and Scarlett Johansson (who is not a man) is at number one. (Yup, she is still only 23.) You can find more fun top lists at

Carrying on with the task of finding the top men in various categories I stumbled across which had a list of their top ten male celebrities past and present. There were great shots of Aaron a€?Ajaya€? Savvy with his muscled physique and military appearance. Mena€?s Fitness model Matt Cohen is simply to die for with his boyish good looks as is James Marsden. a€?The face of Speedoa€? (do we look at the faces of guys wearing Speedos?) is gorgeous model TJ Wilk and he ranks number four with actor Chris Evens making it to number one. If I were you Ia€?d look at all the guys on this list as they are each as hot as each other.

Then I found a very handy site for anyone who is into top 10 lists: which had nine main categories though sadly none were gay porn or anything sexy like that. It does have the top 10 naked people as caught on satellite for one of those a€?view the Eartha€? programs you can get for you computer, the top ten urinals of the world (number one being at the Amundsen-Scott Soul Pole Station!) and the top ten most questionable a€?Best Picturea€? Oscar awards. (How Green Was My Valley that won over Citizen Kane.)

But wea€?re getting off the point here. And my point is that to find the hottest 25 guys in the world seems like and impossible task. Maybe you should come up with your own list? I know who mine would include: my partner, the guy who works at the bar down the road and possibly Chris Oa€?Donnell playing Robin in the Batman films. You see? Not everyone who is hot appears in these lists.

Nearly there: the top 100 sexiest men in the world (according to new Woman magazine and as found at included at the top of their list, with my personal comments on the right:

  1. Take That Then and now
  2. Daniel Craig Ia€?ll let them have that one
  3. Johnny Depp Ita€?s a question of taste.
  4. Orlando Bloom Oh yes.
  5. Jake Gyllenhaal Sure does it for me
  6. George Clooney Uh hu, if you like them older
  7. Brad Pitt Again?
  8. Matt Willis Who?
  9. Robbie Williams Oh per-lease!
  10. Justin Timberlake He has his daysa€| he looks hot in the new betting apps with cash outMadonna Video a€?4 Minutesa€?– but Madonna has that effect on people.

So finally, the hottest gay “action” star? A quick search reveals Chris Geary or Bret Wolfe who you can see at forget the rest and go view him now!